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AOL’s investment and scouting arm in Tel Aviv, israel
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About Nautilus

We are AOL’s investment and scouting arm in Israel; a growth platform helping serious startups achieve success in the real world.

Our Story /

AOL has always grown by investing in talented people with ideas ahead of their time. Nautilus brings us closer to great people and transformative ideas, while providing us with a way to contribute our energies for the greater good of Israel’s amazing startup community.

Our Name /

The Nautilus was the legendary submarine in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. Its motto ‘mobilis in mobili’, which means ‘moving within the moving element’, perfectly encapsulates the dynamic of running a startup. Like the fictional Nautilus, we want to host innovations that are ahead of the curve, and see our mission helping entrepreneurs successfully navigate change in a constantly changing world.

Investment thesis

As strategic investors, we offer our portfolio companies resources to get to the market fast, with an extraordinary product and a compelling story.

Our Investment Model /

Once we invest in your company’s seed or post-seed round, for a period of 8 months you will share our inspirational workspace high above Tel Aviv and receive expert guidance and resources tailored to your specific needs. In addition, you’ll be connected to our diverse network of influential players within the local startup ecosystem.

You gain privileged access to AOL’s global customer and supplier base, as well as its O&O and affiliated brands (e.g.,, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, One by AOL).  When it’s relevant, we’ll also connect you to Verizon, AOL’s parent company.

Above all, you can expect our total commitment in powering the next crucial phase of your company’s growth.

Applying for Investment /

We have no waves, and are always open for applications. If your startup is in the right stage i.e. about to close a seed or post-seed round and has an MVP or PoC, and you want us to consider your venture - please fill in our application.

As AOL’s investment and scouting arm in Israel, we are interested in early and later stage startups in the following segments: Digital Media, AdTech, Software, IoT/Connected world, Cyber, AR/VR, AI, BI, Mobile, ecommerce, DevOps, Communications, Search.

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Office space in the heart of Tel Aviv

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A dedicated team of experienced, startup experts

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Industry-leading product and UX support

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Key to the AOL’s network of people, resources, connections

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Seed investment

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Maximum freedom to excel

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Office space in the heart of Tel Aviv

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A dedicated team of experienced, startup experts

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Industry-leading product and UX support

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Key to the AOL’s network of people, resources, connections

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Seed / post-seed investment

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Maximum freedom to excel


Our ambitious startups are re-shaping the way people work, play and socialize - capturing new value in high-potential, up and coming markets.


If your product is a good fit with AOL, then we will help introduce you to the right people at AOL so you can explore potential collaborations.

We will also assist you in identifying and leveraging opportunities within AOL’s Network, Publisher and Subscription business.

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The Team

At Nautilus, we feel privileged to be able to share the best of our skills, experience and personal / corporate relationships to help our teams upgrade their success.
We are:

Merav Rotem-Naaman Headshot

Merav Rotem-Naaman /
Head of Nautilus

One of the early employees at Better Place, where she held both operational and fundraising related responsibilities, Merav knows a thing or two about ambitious start-ups. After completing an MBA at Harvard, she worked as a consultant for Bain & Co., advising companies in the Bay Area about strategy, business development and M&A.

As Nautilus CEO, Merav’s job is to make sure ‘our start-ups know that someone has their back, that problems aren’t insurmountable, and that they’ve got a team behind their team.”

Roni Burrell Headshot

Roni Burrell /
Head of Products & UX

One of the most sought after Product Manager and UX designers in Israel today, Roni offers our teams an invaluable resource for moving ahead with their product design.

A veteran with Nokia Design UK, Philips CE and an array of video and social start-ups, and previously a B2C product team leader at AOL On Israel, Roni joined the Nautilus crew because she loved the idea of sharing her knowledge and giving back.

Roni Burrell Headshot

gal ringel /
senior associate

In his role as senior investment associate, Gal brings to Nautilus a rare fusion of real-world experience and capabilities in technology, entrepreneurship and investment, starting from sourcing new deals, through screening and due-diligence. 

He has deep insight into everything tech, gained first as a young cyber engineer-turned-captain in Israel’s prestigious 8200 cyber unit, then later as a tested entrepreneur (he founded his own email marketing startup), and eventually honed as Director of Technology at Nielsen Innovate, where he advised portfolio companies on their technology stack and product management.

Iris Gal Headshot

Iris Gal /
Operations Manager

It’s nice when things ‘just happen’, and more often than not, it’s because Iris is working creatively behind the scenes: organizing networking events, screening candidates and ensuring our startups have everything they need to succeed.

Formerly an Economist, pro gymnastics coach, and logistic coordinator for TEVA pharmaceuticals, Iris has the rare blend of people, logistical and problem-solving skills needed to make exciting things happen at Nautilus.

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AOL Nautilus /

22 Rothschild Blvd
Tel Aviv 6688218

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